July 30, 2020

A Good DJ Is an Investment You Want To Make – Here’s Why

Look, we’ve all been there.

Maybe it’s your brother … or your cousin … or a coworker.

You watch someone you care about marry the partner of their dreams in a storybook location.

The venue? Amazing.

The flowers and greenery? Breathtaking.


Mauris blandit aliquet elit.

And then … you arrive at the reception only to find the DJ is the stereotypical wedding entertainer who insists on interrupting the dancing with awkward stories, lame jokes and weird music selections.

And that is all you remember. For the rest of your life. Every time you see the couple, you hear that DJ’s cheesy voice encouraging everyone to line up for the Macarena.

Is this a little dramatic? Perhaps. But you know I’m right when I say the DJ can determine how friends and family remember your big event. Here are a few reasons why.

Your wedding day is not the time or place to offer cousin Johnny an opportunity to make his big DJ debut.

There are enough stressors when planning your big event. Investing in a skilled and experienced DJ is going to save your nerves and provide your guests with a memorable reception.

A skilled DJ knows how to read the room, to play unique songs that will appeal to a wide variety of age ranges. He or She can take requests from guests and weave them into the playlist in a way that feels organic rather than forced.

When you hire A Metro Wedding, you can rest easy knowing your DJ has 15 years of wedding experience and will create a musical journey for your guests, one they will never forget.

There’s a reason the old adage “you get what you pay for” has enjoyed such longevity. There are some things that just require a professional. Use the same school of thought when hiring a DJ as you would when hiring a stylist:

Can you cut your own hair? Technically, yes.

Should you? Absolutely not.

Choosing the right person to control the sound, pace and flow of your wedding reception is something you should already be working into your budget. Most wedding experts recommend you reserve 7-9% of your budget for DJ services. On the rare occasion a mishap occurs, any decent DJ is also going to carry liability insurance for such unexpected events.

It’s no secret we would love to be your DJ. We look forward to getting to know you and your partner and building a musical story around your relationship. We pride ourselves on being straightforward and transparent with all of our pricing and fees.

At the end of the day, A Metro Wedding wants the two of you to have the storybook wedding experience you deserve … and we’ll work hard to make that happen.