June 15, 2021

Wedding Reception Playlist Tips

Your wedding is the ultimate celebration of your unique love story. The ceremony is beautiful and important, but we all know the real fun happens at the reception.

And no, we’re not talking about the chicken entree.

More often than not, the guests at your wedding remember the fun they have at the reception more than they do the actual wedding ceremony. There’s a reason for this… guests participate in the reception. At the ceremony, they are merely there to watch.


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The difference between a good reception and an all-out, we won’t ever forget this night kind of reception usually boils down to one thing.

The music.

Think about it, can you remember an event where the tables had more people than the dance floor? Where everyone was bored and staring at each other?

Now, can you remember an event where everyone was on the dance floor (even Grandma) waving their arms in the air and having a great time?

What was the difference between the two events?

The music selection.

Pick a type of music that reflects your unique personality – Maybe one of you used to play in a country music band, or is a classical pianist. You’ll want to incorporate that into your wedding soundtrack.

Create a list of favorite songs – It’s helpful to go into this process with some of your favorites already in mind. If you’ve been dreaming since you were 5 about dancing at your wedding to a particular song, now is the time to make it happen.

Big moments – There are some moments in your reception that are particularly memorable. The first dance, father-daughter dance, and garter toss are all examples.

Remain open minded – Sometimes your favorite songs are not your friends favorite dance tunes. The DJ should be able to adjust the playlist to fit the mood of your guests.

Keep your guests in mind – While you may love Swiss Mountain Yodeling or chances are that not every guest will be a fan. You’ll need a variety of music to appeal to all of your guests. Your playlist should include a variety of music types, as well as different tempos.

The crowd will change – As the evening wears on, it’s likely that your older guests and those who have travelled long distances may leave earlier. The crowd at 7 pm will be very different than the crowd at 11.

The mood is set by the music you play. That’s the reason that there is an Oscar for Best Movie Soundtrack. The music is carefully chosen to reflect the exact mood that is desired during that exact movie moment.

This translates to your wedding reception as well. Except, events are not scripted and the DJ needs to be able to not only set a mood – but to read the mood of the guests. It’s an art.

The music you play at your wedding should be carefully crafted with help from an expert.

Here at A Metro Wedding, we have over 10 years experience with curating playlists that reflect your style and keep your guests dancing all night long.

Your wedding should be exceptional – a celebration of your unique story. We’re experts at helping couples create the soundtrack for the most memorable day of their lives.