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When you work with Joe, you’ll quickly notice how easy it is to plan your wedding!

Forget about saving files, papers and everything in between. Once you’re onboarded, you will receive the login credentials for the online planning system.

Some features include:

  • 24/7 Access
  • Desktop & Mobile Functionality
  • Save & Return Later

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Impeccable Design

Forefront of contemporary American living

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Top Quality

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Stylish Modern

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The Simple Online Planning System

Music Database

You can search by Artist, Song Title, Genre, view most requested songs and more! If a song is not listed (which is rare), we will acquire the track for no additional cost.  Please note that cultural and international music is not accessible in this database.

While full functionality is only available to onboarded clients, you can take a peek at the lite version here.

Spotify Integration

Are you an active Spotify user? Do you already have your favorite playlists in Spotify? With just a few simple clicks, you can easily import them directly into your personal planning portal.

Don’t have Spotify? No sweat. Start curating your playlists in just minutes using the music database with charts from iTunes, TikTok & Shazam.  You can even preview the songs without leaving the site!


In addition to your must play and do not playlists, you have the ability to customize the music for each and every special event. Cocktail hour, grand entrance, first dance, parent dances, etc. This is your wedding.

Take full advantage of this opportunity to make the music your own. Provide

Conditional Logic

The planning forms are designed with conditional logic, which allows them to adapt based on your input. This streamlines the entire process so you can focus on your specific needs and not fields that are just noise. Less is more.

Plan all of your special details pertaining to every aspect of your wedding, with ease.

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Bespoke Design

Creating spaces that enhance the human experience

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Louse Jonson
Chief Designer

A professional designer will work with you

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Bespoke textile design and production
Furniture production and delivery
Lighting consultation and installation
Furniture staging for events and sales

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