Your Wedding. Your Story. Your Music.

Your wedding music is an investment in a DJ who possesses the experience, knowledge and know-how to create the wedding reception of your dreams. For the perfect celebration, you want a DJ who will treat your wedding like their very own.

It’s not just about playing the right music at the right time — there’s so much more to it. It’s about the experience that drives the planning and preparation in the months, weeks, days and hours leading up to your wedding. And it doesn’t stop there. The devil, as they say, it is in the details, and you want an experienced DJ who will execute the details of your day to perfection, and navigate any unexpected events in a seamless way that will go unnoticed by guests.

The Execution

Wedding DJ’s and Eminem agree – you only get one shot. At Metro, we are logistically focused on what’s most important — delivering a fun and memorable celebration. We’re LIVE and you can’t press rewind.

It’s the meticulous coordination with your wedding planner, your Maitre’d, your photographer and videographer. We will handle every aspect of YOUR wedding just like our very own. With LOVE.

The Approach

For Love. For Music. For The Love of Music.

Music is the heartbeat of our lives. As humans, it’s woven into the fabric of our being. We feel it in our bones, our hearts. It compels and coaxes us to move our bodies. It brings us to tears and inspires us to dance, sing, and laugh. Music provides the spirit for a wedding. Its vital role in the happiest day of our lives — our wedding day— cannot be underestimated.