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Wedding DJ FAQ

I know there are plenty of stressful moments when planning a wedding – collaborating with your DJ shouldn’t be one of them. I’ve created a handy FAQ section to answer most of your questions. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Drop me an email.

I can’t wait to help.


How much space is required for your setup?2021-12-29T00:56:11+00:00

As little as four feet wide.

When will I receive a written contract?2021-12-29T00:51:26+00:00

Once you’re ready to book, I’ll send you a digital contract for review.

Are you also the emcee?2022-06-01T21:25:59+00:00

I can handle announcements with ease.

Do you hang any signs or banners?2021-10-27T00:06:34+00:00


Can a live musician plug into your system?2021-10-27T00:06:57+00:00

Yes. I’ll connect with your musician in advance to discuss specifics.

Can you customize the start/end times of a song?2021-12-29T00:44:28+00:00


Are breaks required?2021-10-27T00:09:33+00:00


What takes place on the day-of?2021-12-24T01:18:08+00:00

On the day-of your wedding, you can expect the following:

  • I’ll arrive at least 3 hours before guest arrival to setup and prepare for your celebration.
  • I will align with your maitre’d/wedding planner to review the run of show.
  • While timelines do fluctuate, I can easily accommodate any sudden changes on the fly.
  • I will gracefully handle your formalities of choice (if any), including announcements, introductions, speeches, toasts, special dances and anything in between — all of which will be communicated to your vendors and maitre’d.
  • Relax and enjoy every moment.
  • Expect an awesome dance party!
When is my final payment due?2021-10-15T12:06:28+00:00

Your final payment is due two weeks prior to your wedding. Check, Venmo and Zelle are acceptable forms of payment. You can also fulfill the balance on your wedding day (cash only) before the contracted start time.

Do you have experience in cultural traditions and customs?2021-10-15T12:15:19+00:00

I have a good grasp on various cultural traditions and customs.  However, I gladly welcome your specific requests.

What do you wear?2021-10-15T12:15:35+00:00

I wear a well-fitted suit but can easily adapt to any specific attire.

Do you accept song requests?2021-10-27T00:10:15+00:00

If it’s okay with you, I will gladly accept requests that align with your musical tastes.

Do you have any music samples?2021-10-15T12:12:47+00:00

I do not play pre-mixed music sets.  Each and every wedding celebration is beat-mixed and curated live to ensure originality and customization.

Can we submit a “Do Not” playlist?2021-12-24T01:31:09+00:00


How much control do we have over the music?2021-10-15T12:13:07+00:00

You have complete control of the music.  Once you provide me with your taste(s) in music, I can easily fill-in the blanks.

How would you motivate my guests to dance?2021-10-15T12:13:17+00:00

I approach things very organically by knowing what to play and when to play it. The power of the music speaks for itself.

How would you define your approach to DJing?2021-12-24T03:12:17+00:00

My approach is simple.  I do not takeover the spotlight.

I’ll artistically mix your palette of music while reading the room. This is your wedding and I play what you want to hear.  It’s not about me — it’s about you and your love.

If needed, I will gracefully conduct announcements and provide the perfect combination of fun and class.

What does your music library consist of?2021-12-24T01:30:19+00:00

My digital library is diverse, eclectic and includes both cultural and international music.

  • 50’s/60’s/Swing
  • 70’s/Motown/Funk
  • 80’s Hits/Party Rock/Classics
  • 90’s Pop/Alternative/Old School/Hip Hop
  • 2000’s
  • Club
  • Indie
  • Russian-Jewish
  • Top 40 Pop/Dance/Rap/Hip Hop
  • R&B
  • Country/Blue Grass
  • Merengue
  • Salsa
  • Bollywood
  • Arabic
Can you provide a microphone for the ceremony?2021-12-24T01:32:11+00:00


Do you provide all of the equipment?2021-10-15T12:29:18+00:00


I own and provide all of the necessary equipment, including wireless microphones (which can be used for a toast, blessing or any special announcements), speakers and everything else in between.  The equipment is professional grade, modern and minimal in size for setup.

I also have backup equipment on site in the event of a hardware failure.

What’s your rate?2021-12-23T02:12:28+00:00

Full service weddings range from $1,700 to $3,000, with our most popular choice at $2,500.

Do you have any references?2021-10-15T12:26:46+00:00

Yes. I’ll happily connect you with recent couples I’ve worked with.

How many weddings do you have on my date?2021-12-29T00:42:11+00:00

One.  I am yours for the entire day and can easily accommodate any changes to your timeline.

What’s the next step?2022-05-27T12:31:57+00:00

Say hello so we can discuss your wedding plans.

Once you’re ready to book, I’ll send you a digital contract to review and sign.  Fulfill your retainer fee of $500 and that’s it. Your date is locked in.

Are you insured?2021-12-24T01:32:30+00:00


What time will you arrive to setup?2021-12-24T02:41:48+00:00

I will arrive and setup at least three hours before your guests arrive.

Setup and breakdown typically takes about 40 minutes.

Are you familiar with my venue?2021-10-15T12:40:12+00:00

Although I have experience performing at a large number of different venues throughout the tri-state area, (check out the list here) it’s very possible that I have not had the opportunity to perform at your venue. This is not uncommon.

I’ll connect directly with your venue to review logistics, including floor plans, load-in, timelines, etc. I got your back.