When we think of weddings in New York City, images of lavish rooftops and the breathtaking Manhattan skyline usually come to mind. However, just a train ride away, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens offers a serene oasis away from the city that never sleeps. As the drops of summer rain rhythmically tapped on the windows of the Palm House, George and Colleen stood among their friends and loved ones and vowed to love each other through all things — rain or shine.

The reception began with a Pyebaek ceremony, a traditional Korean ceremony with the newlyweds’ parents and the bride and groom. Witnessing such a ceremony was not only fitting to the gorgeous venue but also fitting to the backdrop of New York City’s cultural melting pot.

After this beautiful exchange among the newly formed family, Al Green’s voice gently invited George and Colleen to sway under the Palm House skylights for their very first dance as husband and wife. The song they chose was perfect for the occasion: Let’s Stay Together.  As the chorus of the song crescendoed, the wedding attendees floated onto the dance floor to join George and Colleen’s celebration of love, whether times are good or bad, happy or sad.

After their first dance, the music swelled, sweeping everyone off their feet. Hits by Bruno Mars, Drake, The Weeknd, and more picked up the pace and made this elegant reception into a fun-filled dance party! In this case, only good times and happy times were present, and the music only amplified the joy that was already there.